(Jeff) Wongchoti



Courses taught at Massey University
125.700 Managerial Finance (Graduate)
125.732 Advanced Corporate Finance (Graduate)
125.785 Research Methods (Econometrics) in Finance (Graduate)
125.330 Advanced Corporate Finance (Undergraduate)
115.105 Fundamentals of Finance (Entry level)
115.750 Investments and Risk (MBA)

Courses at the University of Memphis
FIR 3410 Financial Management (Undergraduate)
Courses for Massey’s exchange programs
FIN 700 Managerial Finance (Graduate) at UEH Ho Chi Minh City FIN 100 Fundamentals of Finance (Entry level) at UEB Hanoi
( Teaching evaluation: 4.5 out of 5 (full score) on average with 4.35 average on MBA teaching )


-Elected Member of Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) at Massey University since 2008 to present. This is one of the few major committees in the College of Business at Massey.

-Convenor of AACSB learning goals for MBS work group (with Associate Professor Paul Toulson)


– Guest speaker to Securities Exchange Commission of Vietnamese stock market on ‘shareholder activism and corporate governance quality’, December 2014 – Supervision of more than 30 graduate research students since 2003

-Ph.D supervision on Ms. Sireethorn Civilize (graduated in 2012), Mr. Suresh Kumar, Mr. Christo Ferreira, Ms. Wei Hao

-Session chair on “Investor psychology and others” at 12th NZ Finance Colloquium

-Blind referee for about 10 submitted manuscripts for Asian FMA 2006 organised by Massey University

-Active discussants/reviewers for other researchers (e.g. FMA 2005 articles and working papers for colleagues including Dr. Fei Wu, Dr. Ben Marshall, and Dr. Pinghsun Huang)

-About 10 PhD examinations since 2006

School of Economics and Finance

Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand

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