Associate Prof. Jeff Wongchoti


Associate Prof. Jeff WongchotiJeff, a finance PhD from USA with diverse publications in quality journals (including ELEVEN 'A'-rated articles in ABDC list). Published journals in 'A' rank are Journal of Banking and Finance (A*, 2 articles), the Financial Review (3 articles), Pacific Basin Finance Journal (2 articles), International Review of Financial Analysis (3), and Emerging Markets Review. He has also acted as referees for journals/conferences such as Journal of Banking and Finance, the Financial Review, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Quantitative Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis, Asian Finance Association Meetings, and others in at least 60 occasions. His working papers were constantly presented in international conferences around the world (e.g. Financial Management Association (FMA), European Finance Association (EFA - a top-three conference in financial economics), among others.


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