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BBS - Bachelor Of Business Study


If you can’t afford your student life in New Zealand, the option of applying to Massey University will cost you less. As a transfer student at Massey University, you will still be entitled full benefits as others.


So what is transitional education? Massey University – TOP 1 University in New Zealand defines transitional students: Economics students attending universities across Vietnam have completed certain hours of study or semesters which are recognized by Massey University will continue to study the rest of the program at Massey – New Zealand.

Most universities encourage and facilitate transitional students, but top universities such as Massey often have more rigorous admission policies, such as accepting only students who complete the first year of college, or just students who have studied the same program as at Massey and had high cumulative points,…


Study abroad is also a perfect choice to earn an International University degree with many benefits in terms of time and tuition.

About time: You will be assessed and approved by Massey for the subjects you have accumulated in Vietnam. Therefore, you can study abroad without wasting your time studying at home.

About living cost: you will save approximately 1 – 2.5 years for studying abroad.


Students who specialized in economic major of the Universities in the territory of Vietnam are recognized by Massey.


  • 1 + 3: You are a freshman in Vietnam, you will continue to study for 3 years at Massey University of New Zealand
  • 2 + 2: You are a second year student in VN, you will continue to study for 2 years at Massey University
  • 2.5 + 1.5: You are a third year student in VN, you will continue to study for 1.5 years at Massey University

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IELTS (Academic) 6.0 overall

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Awarded by Massey University

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Every January and June


  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. High school transcripts
  4. High school diploma
  5. Confirmation letter from the university
  6. Official transcript of the university
  7. Certified Copy of English Certificate (if applicable)
  8. Two (02) Certified Copy of National Identity Card/ Two (02) Certified Copy of Passport
  9. Two (02) photographs 4×6

NOTED: The above documents are required to be translated into English

Majors (Chuyên Ngành)

FORMS OF TRANSITION (Hình thức chuyển tiếp)



International business



1+ 3

2 + 2

2.5 + 1.5

Application fee: 10 USD


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