CFA Preparation Course

What does CFA mean ?

CFA (an acronym for Chartered Financial Analyst) is a certificate for professional financial analysts in the fields of securities, investment, risk management, banking and finance. The CFA certificate is provided by the US CFA Institute – founded in 1947, currently has more than 150,000 members in 165 countries worldwide. CFA is a specific qualification which is considered as a “gold standard” to assess the capabilities, expertise and professional ethics of investors. The CFA program is widely recognized around the world for its high practicality and also it provides a strong knowledge foundation and operating principles of the global investment market.

Why study CFA ?

Being globally recognized, especially in Vietnam, the CFA certificate is exempted from some conditions by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam to grant practical certificates in securities and fund management.
Providing career development opportunities in the field of investment with high income. Employers such as banks, investment funds, securities companies and businesses always highly appreciated. Many businesses choose CFA as one of the international career certificates required to get promoted to management positions.

  • Bring credibility and respect to customers and colleagues.
  • Gain international and highly applicable knowledge.
  • Build up many relationships in the field of investment.
  • Help increase competitive advantage in recruitment in the field of financial investment.

With CFA, which field you can work for?

With CFA certification in hand, even with level 1, you can do it in the following areas:

  • Investment and fund management company
    Investment bank
    Personal customer asset management
    Risk prevention fund
    Insurance company

Why study CFA at ISB-UEH?

Professional and dedicated professors with modern teaching methods, currently CFA Charterholder, financial analysts along with lecturers from City University of Economics. Ho Chi Minh City and Massey University, New Zealand.

There are many scholarship policies for students with good academic achievements and preferential policies for businesses.

Job opportunities and career advancement for students with partners of the center after completing their studies.

Dynamic learning environment, modern facilities and equipment.

A group of tutors is attached throughout the learning process to help achieve the highest level of lectures and test results.

The position is right at the center of District 3.

Commitment: Students who attend class 80% or more, if they do not pass the level 1 exam, will be re-enrolled for free.

The requirement of CFA examination

The CFA Association does not require candidates to take the entrance exam. However, in order to participate in CFA tests, candidates need to meet 1 of the following conditions:

  • University degree in any major, or
  • Have a professional degree such as ACCA, CPA, CIMA, AIA, ICSA or equivalent; or
  • Final year students at university; or
  • At least 4 years of studying and working (not necessarily working in the investment field)

Register to become a CFA candidate: candidates need

A Passport with a deadline to test

Register online on The CFA Association does not require students to submit a degree, but only when they register online. The CFA Association can check the qualifications that students have declared when needed.

Opening time for CFA level 1 Course

ISB International Training Institute – Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics opens CFA exam 1 level:

  • Enrollment period: June and December every year
    Tuition fee: 25,000,000

CFA Scholarship

Scholarships for undergraduates :

Requirement Scholarship
GPA 2 of 2 constantly  >= 8.0 50%
GPA 2 of 2 constantly  >= 7.5 20%
GPA 2 of 2 constantly  >= 7.0 10%

Discount policies for Business Workers:

Requirement Discount
3-4 member group registration 5%
5-9 member group registration 10%
Over 10 member group registration 15%

CFA level 1curriculum

At our center, the quality of students learning is always of top concern. ISB Institute – UEH is proud to be the only program in the Ho Chi Minh city has a teaching assistant team, supporting students throughout the learning process. Duration of the course lasts 6 months with class time, self-study at home, review in class with 3 mock tests with motifs and content close to real exam written by experienced experts .

Subjects Weight for LV1 (%)
Quantitative Methods 10
Corporate Finance 10
Fixed Income 11
Porfolio Management & Welth Planning 6
Economics 10
Equity Investments 11
Financial Reporting & Analysis 15
Derivatives 6
Alternative Investments 6
Ethical & Professional Standards 15
Total 100

More details about course and intentional schedule, click here:  Schedule

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