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Career Development & Practical Insight

Career Talk: “Career Development – Practical Insight of Human Resource and Finance” organized by ISB International Training Institute – Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. Ho Chi Minh aims to provide youngsters, especially undergraduates with the necessary information about academic knowledge and practical skills as well as current expectations of employers .


Career requirements in the field of Finance in Vietnam have been gradually changed in the past 3 years. Job opportunities relating to Finance major are expanding but always competitive and require new graduates to make constant efforts. Is it just enough to have the ambition, love, hard work and the high qualifications to be successful in the labor market?

Therefore, with the aim is to provide young people, especially students, to prepare the necessary information about academic knowledge and practical skills as well as current expectations of employers.

Successful stories, failures and experience sharing from the speakers promise to help you have a better overview of your career path in the field of Finance.

With the development trend of the labor market, the Human Resource industry always opens various career opportunities for young people nowadays. However, this has created a competitive environment and requires new graduates to make constant efforts. In addition, young people who are inexperienced and still do not figure out their goals and orientations in this area.

Many questions are raised but young people still can’t find the answers? How to meet the needs of employers? What is the nature of the work of the HR industry? How is working style and communication in working environment?


So to succeed in HR, which essential skills employers need to master?

How should youngsters concern about?

Attendance fee : FREE

Location: 59C Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Ward 6, District 3, HCM city

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