Academic English


Direct Entry English Pathway (DEEP) tại Đại học Massey – Newzealand

The DEEP program at Massey provides students with academic English foundation and necessary skills while studying to assist in the learning process research process at Massey University.

Completing this 16-week course will provide you with an Academic English Foundation Certificate and be eligible to participate in all majors at Massey University.

Academic English - IELTS Preparation

The English for Academic Purposes program offers flexible courses with experienced teachers.

Classes of no more than 10 students ensure the quality of each student as well as enhance the interaction between students and teachers.

Flexible learning time is suitable for all students’ needs. Combining Online and Offline learning guarantees flexibility and accomplishes learning goals.

The system evaluates the results through each lesson, helping students to see the capacity and progress in learning.

Innovative, simple curriculum for accessing and applying new points in IELTS preparation.

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